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Inner Awakening Program

      Inner Awakening is an intense and incredibly powerful 21-day program in Bidadi, India, under  Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda that will transform you beyond awords. It is a program  that will transform you  mentally, emotionally and psychologically and enrich your life in every way possible beyond your wildest imagination. You will uncover deep truths and attain mental states that you did not know were possible. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Talk to us at the temple for more information about this program.  Also visit

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Ganapathy Puja and Homa


       Lord Ganapathy is the supreme expression of super consciousness. He is the Lord of beginnings. His very form itself  radiates joy and removes obstacles. If we understand his form, we will understand the truth presented in his form. His is the most worshipped form of the Divine in the Hindu pantheon. Ganapathy is the only God who is worshipped by all six Vedic traditions. A much loved and revered God, he is always remembered as simple, innocent and easily approachable. In his four hands, he holds angusha (elephant prods typically used to direct or steer elephants) in one hand, pasa (noose) in another, his own broken tusk in the third hand, and a sweet in the last.

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