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Dasha Karmas

      Vedic rituals are an expression of gratitude and devotion to help us celebrate and honor every moment of our lives. Following are the most important of rituals that mark significant events in life. It typically follows the chronological order in a person's life.


Seemantham is more than just a baby shower. It is a spiritual blessing performed in preparation usually for a woman's first delivery to ensure a safe and sound birth of the child with minimum pain to the mother. The secondary benefits are to bless the mother and child with gifts, sweets, dress, etc. A powerful puja (an offering of gratitude) and mantra (chantings) are performed in order to elevate the energy levels of both the child and the mother.


Naamakaranam refers to the naming ceremony for a new born. This ceremony is usually done after the purification ceremony. The entire life of a person revolves around the name of that person. The name is chosen to help a child realize his/her ultimate potential simply by remembering the name. During this puja special chants are invoked for helping with raising the level of energy of the child while giving the name to a child which would repeatedly remind one of the true potential within.

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Nithyananda Vidyalaya
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