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Maha Lakshmi Puja

lakshmi      Maha Lakshmi puja is performed to Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of wealth, wisdom, fortune, purity and divinity. She is the goddess  whom we ask for happiness in our families, friends, marriage, children, food,wealth, beauty and health. Lakshmi puja when performed in a place bestows prosperity and tremendous positive energy and attracts fortune with wisdom.

If you wish to have the Maha Lakshmi Puja done on your behalf, either at our temple or in your home, please contact us

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Nithyananda Vedic Temples - How are they different?
          Nithyananda Vedic Temples worldwide have done an incredible job in re-kindling the pride and joy in practiicing the ancient vedic practices amongst Hindus worldwide.Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an Enlightened Master, has explained in a lucid and inspiring fashion many of the ancient and dying Vedic traditions in a scientific manner and hence inspiring people to stand up and protect the Dharma. This gives an opportunity  to share the many wonderful aspects of  Vedic traditions  every seeker.
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