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yoga‘Is Nithya Yoga just one more ‘new’ system of yoga surfacing in the ever-booming market of yoga. No, it is not! Nithya Yoga is the most original and most ancient system of yoga. Nithya Yoga brings back the truths that are encoded in the most ancient authority on yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. It brings back the truths which have somehow been lost through the passage of time. It is a technology that, when awareness floods both movement and breath, can lead us to the very core of our being.


Grounded on Raghupati Yogi’s teaching that the body—the muscle memory—responds to the thoughts you have about it, to the intentions with which you move your body, each practice session begins with a statement and visualization of the practitioner’s positive intentions for the session. The asana practice that follows will consist of series of movements (vinyasa krama) that flow seamlessly from one to the next leading to  Surya Namaskar, the salute to the sun, both outer and inner. Throughout the movements, attention is kept on the inward and outward movements of the breath. The pranayama and Nithya Dhyaan that follow the asana practice maximize the intake of oxygen and prana. Through continuous awareness of breath coordinated with movement, there is a uniting of body, mind, and spirit—the very essence of yoga. Practiced in this way—through the shining of awareness, joined with enthusiasm and intensity, on your every movement—life itself becomes meditation.

 To learn more about how Nithya Yoga can transform both body and mind, or practice the same, contact Nithyananda Vedic Temple, Bay Area You can also learn more about the science and practice of nithya yoga at

This free yoga session is offered every Saturday.


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